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Admission to Medical Schools in Europe

Judith Ebach, Günter Trost, 1997, 140 Seiten

Artikelnummer: ISBN 9783931660390
Kategorie: Medizin
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This book explains how entry to a course of studies in medicine is determined in each respective European country and provides information on the valid selection criteria and the means by which they are implemented. In addition it presents the experiences which have been made with each different admission system as well as the results of empirical evaluation studies. Examples of aptitude and achievement tests are provided, together with suggested material on which interviews with prospective candidates can be based.
The findings reported here resulting from an examination of all the European countries, came about through the initiative of the Association of Medical School of Europe (AMSE) and was promoted by the European Commission within the framework of the ERASMUS scheme.
This book is aimed at all those involved in studying medicine, particularly those intending or interested in doing so in the future, but is also of interest to members of faculties of medicine and persons engaged in educational policy and educational administration. It is hoped that by way of reciprocal information from medical faculties, education authorities and those deciding on educational policy about procedures in the varying countries and their dependability, that those responsible for the systems of selection will be able to profit from one another’s experience and that in the long term will strive towards selection procedures which will be harmonised into one unified system that will prove itself to be particularly objective and will have assertive strength.

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